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(Author's note: first story I hope you like it :) <3)

Once long ago in another world there was the kingdom of Xena. Everyone who lived there was alway happy and peaceful.Who ruled this great kingdom?It's ruled by two beautiful twin princesses Aysu and Kenina. Before their parents died they cast a spell on the princesses.It gave them the smarts and the power to keep the kingdom happy and peaceful forever. This same spell made it where the princesses could never die. Princess Aysu gained control over the element of water. Princess Kenina  gained the control over the element of fire.Every year they hold an annual ceremony that they call the eternal eclipse ceremony. It's where the princesses combine their power and themselves together.When Aysu and kenina become one they gain the power of the Sun,the Moon, and the four elements,in this form they go by the name nisshoku.With their powers they raise the Sun and the Moon,doing this keeps the kingdom in a peaceful state.But one year when the princesses were in the middle of eternal eclipse ceremony the kingdom was attacked.Because of this the state of peace could not be restored ang the kingdom was thrown into chaos.The kingdom having destroyed itself,the princesses full of sadness turned evil and seemed revenge on the humans who caused the destruction of their once beautiful kingdom.Because of the sadness they had felt they had forgotten how to combine their powers and them self and no longer could become nisshoku.Because of this the power they once had was now cut in half.Now with their kingdom in ruins they set off to find the world in witch the humans live.

(Author's note : umm.. Well I hoped you liked it.This isn't the full chapter I wanted to see if you liked it and warn you that it's going to get really detailed because it was going to be made into a comic/manga by my friend cause I can't draw :( but I can write fiction easily :D.So I write and she draws.And remember I'm only in 9th grade so don't complain about my grammar or spelling.)


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